simple beauty

so the first thing i ever posted on here was ridiculous. ridiculous meaning that it was not good at all. it doesn’t  fit with what i want to portray here and the things I would hope to get across. and in that respect it must have been meant for me to write it so i could get it off my chest, write it, and then realize that i should not have written it. thank goodness for revelation.

with that post in mind, and yet behind me. i offer the rest of the words and pictures here as my second post and hope that it is better.

The past week, i was at home (cerritos, which is in southern california). while i was there i had the opportunity to partake in things that i truly love. one of the things that i really enjoy doing is being creative. during that week, i sewed my first garments ever! if you really knew me, you would know that sewing is NOT what i do, even though it is a talent of my mom’s. in any case, we went to the fabric store several times during the week and picked out fabric. i absolutely loved it! looking at all the patterns and touching all of the textures and envisioning what i could do with all of those things! or rather what i think i could get my mom to make for me 🙂 here are a few pictures of what it looked like in the fabric store.

oh look at those patterns!

 rows of bolts of fabric…

and more fabric and patterns!

I was totally in love, envisioning the many shirts, skirts, vests, pants, jackets, clutch purses and hobo bags that could be made with all of this fabric. Oh how i could fill my closet! i was completely excited!

now i know not everyone may see the beauty in all of these rows of fabric. but that’s what this is all about. how can you find the beauty in something as simple as the fabric? for me, i think about how much time and how intricate it is to create a beautiful fabric. there may be dyeing and weaving and embellishing then to see all of the colors, patterns and textures there together waiting for some creative soul to walk by screaming, “choose me!” Fabric waiting to be made into a beautiful apron, a soft baby blanket, a chic top, and pretty much anything else you can think to make out of fabric. and in my mind this process, the vision of this fabric is absolutely beautiful. the visions i had of all the things that could be created were beautiful. maybe this is not your idea of beauty, and that’s cool because everyone’s eyes see beauty differently and that is what makes everything beautiful. so if this is not beautiful to you, find something that is.

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