Fabulous Finds

I love LA, well Southern California that is. Even though I live in the bay, So Cal will always be home and one of favorite places. This weekend I visited my favorite place so I could watch the LA marathon. My mom and one of my good friends participated and completed this feat! I am so super proud of them! While I was waiting to see my loved ones cross the finish line, I went to breakfast with another friend and my Aunt. We went to Jinky’s in Santa Monica on second street off of Broadway. Jinky’s sure was wonderful! I mean really, those pancakes were sooooooooo good! The service was great, the wait wasn’t too long, and they even cooked my bacon to perfection, which is something I am quite particular about. I definitely give it both thumbs up and suggest you visit it. Mind you they are only open until 3:30 in the afternoon. So go get breakfast! This is what Jinky’s looks like from the outside…


After breakfast, we hung out at 3rd street promenade. We go into Barnes and Noble and I make a fantastic discovery! A Lorax  tin lunch box. It is so cute! I really love tin lunch boxes. I love how creative they are as they are becoming popular again. Here is what my new lunch box looks like!


Later we killed time waiting at the finish line. I wasn’t sure how I would feel, but I was extremely happy and proud of my mom and good friend. They are an inspiration to me. Maybe I will work out more and give myself something to work toward, like a 5k or 10k (since I despise running, this will be something that requires focus!).

Eat Well and Enjoy Life!

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