Water Front Eats

So I am sure by know you can see the affair I am having with food. I cheat on my love for hiking with my love for good food. Anyways, this weekend I went to another restaurant called Skates on the Bay http://skatesonthebay.com/ . Let me tell you, it was gorgeous, sitting right on the water in the Berkeley Marina. The inside of the restaurant was just as lovely because it was almost lounge like, with comfy leather seats and cute intimate tables with candles on them. And the food. First is the complimentary bread which was wonderful. It almost tasted like garlic cheesy bread. Then someone at my table ordered the cornbread. Absolutely fabulous. It had peppers in it which gave it a little kick and yet it was sweet at the same time. For my entree I ordered grilled mahi mahi on a bed of gnocchi with a sauce made with bacon and truffle, complete with mushrooms and spinach. Mmm mmm. Honestly. It was really good. And so of course I give this place a recommendation. It’s another $30/ plate place, but definitely worth every penny we paid considering the food and atmosphere.

And of course how could my food experiences be complete if I didn’t make my own wonderful food? So I tried this recipe called cinnamon sugar breakfast puffs http://www.food52.com/recipes/15110_cinnamon_sugar_breakfast_puffs .Another fabulous recipe from the people at Food 52. These little beauties actually taste like donuts and that’s extra cool since you don’t have to fry them up like regular donuts which can be a little tedious. And they were super easy to make which is always a plus. So here is how my puffs turned out.


Eat well and enjoy!

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