A bad crop…of apartments that is

So I guess I will dive right in. Looking for a new apartment is like going to work everyday. In the past few weeks, I have searched, called, and viewed many apartments. However not every place has been fantastic or even a diamond in the rough. So here is what I think; here are things that you should not do, say, or even let the prospective tenant see, when looking for people to rent your apartment.

1. If the apartment is in disrepair and you do not plan to repair it, you should reconsider why you are renting it.

2. 2 refrigerators do not make up for not having a kitchen.

3. Ready to move should mean that if I wanted to move tomorrow I could. Ready to move does not mean a filthy apartment that is inhabited by a woman who smokes frequently in the house and her blind dog.

4. You should not ask any prospective tenants to come to your house at night to fill out applications.

5. Don’t say the neighborhood is good, and then tell me, the prospective tenant that there are people partaking in illegal activity next door.

Just my observations.

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