Basketball Obsession

So I have been so busy getting back into school and doing work for work, that I haven’t cooked anything good or done anything worth reporting to you all about. What I have been doing instead is being an obsessed Clippers fan. You read right. The Los Angeles CLIPPERS. No, I’m not a band wagoner who has jumped another NBA team ship to ride one currently captained by Chris Paul and anchored with Blake Griffin. I have been a fan for years. Since Darius Miles had a basketball career and future, since Lamar Odom did his first stint in LA as an NBA Player, and since Corey Maggette had cornrows. Now I have always loved sports, especially basketball. I spent Saturday mornings when I was younger watching college football and basketball with my dad. One day I decided that the Clippers would be my team. I’m not entirely sure why except that I like underdogs and because I thought Corey Maggette was hot and maybe because I like being just a little contrary to the masses. This one decision has turned into a love for me. I have a ton of unnecessary Clippers paraphernalia and have stood by them through thick and thin, which has mostly been thin, except for a brief trip to the western conference playoffs. And I don’t care. Who would have thought that  this dedication to constant disappointment would turn into pride when the Clippers acquired Blake (although he spent the first 2 years injured) and later got Chris Paul, among the others who have come to be part of the “new Clippers” team. And so now, I am completely obsessed, streaming all of the games on my laptop and making watching the games top priority. I don’t even live in LA right now and yet, I watched the Clippers at an away game, and hope I can catch a game or two next time I go down to LA for a visit.

And maybe you are thinking how crazy this is. I mean I am dedicated, I don’t want to paint my face because I think it takes away from my great looks, and I don’t plan on wearing crazy wigs and painting my car with the Clippers logo. But I love wearing my Blake shirt while completing the look with my basketball earrings. And I pray they make the playoffs so I have a reason to go to a playoff game at the Staples center and support my team.

And maybe people being dedicated to a sports team seem ridiculous to you. It does give me something to do, a hobby, although it is not the only hobby I spend time on.

What about you? Any favorite sports? Teams?  Or maybe you don’t even get sports, what say you?

Either way, enjoy this shot of one of my favorite players at the All Star Game.


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1 Response to Basketball Obsession

  1. klownboy says:

    You know something is wrong in the NBA if being a Clippers fan is better than being a Knicks fan (like me)…

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