Eat well, Stay fit, die anyway

Probably a cynical phrase for how I sometimes view healthy living. Healthy living. What is that anyway? It seems to be latest fad, as many people are eating only raw foods, going natural with their hair and spending hours in the gym. I however, want to do none of those things in excess. Why? Probably because I am a little lazy and enjoy being busy having fun all the time that I could care less about eating only salad when there are so many great restaurants in the world, love my straight hair and really despise the gym. Yet, I still want to live a life that is healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. So I am on a journey to discover what healthy living is for me.

The first thing was my natural hair. I went natural only for vain reasons; I wanted longer hair. If you are unfamiliar, the natural hair movement is about using natural products on your hair- no chemicals, and no treating the hair with heat ( blow dryer, pressing combs, flat irons, etc). Anyways I decide to do this. I haven’t really gone all out. I have been experimenting with shampoos that have less chemicals and using no heat and less store bought product. And it worked. But of course, because I am little vain I have been rocking pressed hair for about a month now simply because my hair is great!

My next task for my healthy living project is my weight. I definitely do not have a goal of Janet Jackson abs from back in the day. I just want to lose this gut I have developed post college. Now I have always been overweight but the gut is finally out of control. However, I have decided that I am NOT eating only salad or using drops or powder to boost my weight loss. Part of my endeavor is to learn healthier ways of living while still enjoying life. And in my world, eating only salads is not enjoyable, especially knowing that I can make some great Mac n Cheese. So I decided I am going to workout (currently a walking/ running deal with a mix of weights and ab work) and eat more vegetables and fruit, since I like that stuff anyways. And no read meat. Adios Carne asada.

I don’t consider any of this to be unconventional; surely someone somewhere has lived like this or is living like this. I do know that most of my friends are endeavoring to live healthy lifestyles, but are extreme. I have never been an extremist type of person. always more of a middle of the road girl. Which is fine with me. And so it’s time for me to find my middle of the road, otherwise known as balance. I pretty much just want to take care of me, because I might sink faster when I go river rafting. On a more serious note, the journey has already proved to be valuable in learning to love me now and who I am; nappy or straight hair. And to be honest no one teaches you how to truly take care of yourself. There are no classes on balance in college. And although you can take nutrition, chemistry and biology, there is no class called life application of all the things you ever learned.

So here I am on my healthy living journey, maybe more appropriately termed path to balance. And if you think you’ve already achieved balance like a buddha, you should share!

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