California Getaway

So this weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Oregon House, CA. Now my first thought was why is there a place called Oregon House in California? The further away we went it was like we were crossing state lines to get to this place; reminded me of when I visited Atlanta or Arkansas. Anyways we made it to this beautiful place called Lake of the Springs Campground in Oregon House. I have never been camping before, and any experience I have ever had, I have stayed in a cabin. This time I got to stay in an rv. Now it was quite alright because it had a kitchen, and tv and therefore was comfy for the weekend. However what really got to me was how beautiful it was. I am a sucker for gorgeous scenery that allows me to practice my photography skills; or the ones I think I have anyway. There were beautiful oak trees, a lake, deer, rabbits, and even a frog. I would love to come back again and sit in the serene peace of nature. Here are some pictures:


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Plethora of Pinballs…and other fun things

So I am trying to make sure that I am regular, but of course many times I get caught up in so many things!

This weekend I had the chance to do some really great things. I went to an Art Gallery in San Francisco, Ca, close to the Fisherman’s Wharf. It was the Rodney Lough Jr Museum (if I am not mistaken). In any case, this man has captured some of the most beautiful places in the country. Absolutely beautiful. I cannot express to you how wonderful it is. However you can take a peek here…

Now for all of you music lovers, like myself, I went to this wonderful little club/lounge in Oakland, CA called Era club. There was not a lot of dancing, but people singing the night away. Not karaoke style, not amateur night either. These people were superb. People singing jazzy, bluesy renditions of popular, mostly neo soul songs. At the end of the night, a young woman did a jazz rendition of “Raindrops on Roses”. Let me tell you she was absolutely wonderful. She did not just sing the song. She sang it, she scatted it, she moved it around, she sped it up, she slowed it down, she took the song all over and let it rest in a place I have never heard it. I was mesmerized and inspired not only by the song, but also by the sheer talent she displayed in singing a soulfully jazzy version of this musical theatre song. Can you tell I was and still am excited?

So the third and second to last great thing was a visit to a little bakery called Cinnaholic. Cinnaholic is located in Berkeley, CA and is a small quaint place that is also full of personality if you pay close enough attention. At this place, vegan cinnamon rolls are baked fresh and topped with things that most of us can and cannot imagine to top the classic cinnamon rolls. My good friend had caramel frosting and a topping that escapes me. I had a classic cinnamon roll with freshly sliced apples. The chef in me, fell in love, and cannot stop thinking about. You can get frosting in flavors such as caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter; with toppings ranging from fresh fruit to oreo cookies.  And if you love all things green and healthy, go try one of these vegan cinnamon rolls and eat it with a biodegradable utensil. The best of both worlds indeed.

So the last wonderful thing that made my weekend, was a visit to the Pinball museum in Alameda, CA. My, what  hidden treasure this is! If you are at all interested in games, this is a great place to visit. It tells you the history of the pinball machine and then you can play unlimited pinball games. The pinball machines you can play were made in the 1940’s until the present. They also have on display some of the oldest pinball machines made. So I got a history lesson, and I got to spend the afternoon playing pinball! The cost is $15 to get in, but you have in and out privileges all day.

All in all, I definitely think I fulfilled my mission to find beautiful, wonderful fun things to do at a low-cost!

Oh and check out this little beauty of a couch I saw at EQ3 in Emeryville, CA! I love this gray couch!

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simple beauty

so the first thing i ever posted on here was ridiculous. ridiculous meaning that it was not good at all. it doesn’t  fit with what i want to portray here and the things I would hope to get across. and in that respect it must have been meant for me to write it so i could get it off my chest, write it, and then realize that i should not have written it. thank goodness for revelation.

with that post in mind, and yet behind me. i offer the rest of the words and pictures here as my second post and hope that it is better.

The past week, i was at home (cerritos, which is in southern california). while i was there i had the opportunity to partake in things that i truly love. one of the things that i really enjoy doing is being creative. during that week, i sewed my first garments ever! if you really knew me, you would know that sewing is NOT what i do, even though it is a talent of my mom’s. in any case, we went to the fabric store several times during the week and picked out fabric. i absolutely loved it! looking at all the patterns and touching all of the textures and envisioning what i could do with all of those things! or rather what i think i could get my mom to make for me 🙂 here are a few pictures of what it looked like in the fabric store.

oh look at those patterns!

 rows of bolts of fabric…

and more fabric and patterns!

I was totally in love, envisioning the many shirts, skirts, vests, pants, jackets, clutch purses and hobo bags that could be made with all of this fabric. Oh how i could fill my closet! i was completely excited!

now i know not everyone may see the beauty in all of these rows of fabric. but that’s what this is all about. how can you find the beauty in something as simple as the fabric? for me, i think about how much time and how intricate it is to create a beautiful fabric. there may be dyeing and weaving and embellishing then to see all of the colors, patterns and textures there together waiting for some creative soul to walk by screaming, “choose me!” Fabric waiting to be made into a beautiful apron, a soft baby blanket, a chic top, and pretty much anything else you can think to make out of fabric. and in my mind this process, the vision of this fabric is absolutely beautiful. the visions i had of all the things that could be created were beautiful. maybe this is not your idea of beauty, and that’s cool because everyone’s eyes see beauty differently and that is what makes everything beautiful. so if this is not beautiful to you, find something that is.

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A bad crop…of apartments that is

So I guess I will dive right in. Looking for a new apartment is like going to work everyday. In the past few weeks, I have searched, called, and viewed many apartments. However not every place has been fantastic or even a diamond in the rough. So here is what I think; here are things that you should not do, say, or even let the prospective tenant see, when looking for people to rent your apartment.

1. If the apartment is in disrepair and you do not plan to repair it, you should reconsider why you are renting it.

2. 2 refrigerators do not make up for not having a kitchen.

3. Ready to move should mean that if I wanted to move tomorrow I could. Ready to move does not mean a filthy apartment that is inhabited by a woman who smokes frequently in the house and her blind dog.

4. You should not ask any prospective tenants to come to your house at night to fill out applications.

5. Don’t say the neighborhood is good, and then tell me, the prospective tenant that there are people partaking in illegal activity next door.

Just my observations.

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