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Eat well, Stay fit, die anyway

Probably a cynical phrase for how I sometimes view healthy living. Healthy living. What is that anyway? It seems to be latest fad, as many people are eating only raw foods, going natural with their hair and spending hours in … Continue reading

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Fabulous Finds

I love LA, well Southern California that is. Even though I live in the bay, So Cal will always be home and one of favorite places. This weekend I visited my favorite place so I could watch the LA marathon. … Continue reading

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Basketball Obsession

So I have been so busy getting back into school and doing work for work, that I haven’t cooked anything good or done anything worth reporting to you all about. What I have been doing instead is being an obsessed … Continue reading

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5 year old comedians

So I was toying with the idea of starting a separate blog for all of my teacher musings (because if you didn’t know, I teach preschool). But I realized that I am not interested in managing a whole other site … Continue reading

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Skewers + a handmade bow tie= Love

So usually after I do a post, I find that I have small moments of panic after I go throughout the next week wondering what in the world to post next. And then I rethink my blog; should it only … Continue reading

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Long time no write

It has been a long time! I missed my blog (no matter how short the time was since I started!) I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I know I did. I had the most fabulous time experiencing … Continue reading

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California Getaway

So this weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Oregon House, CA. Now my first thought was why is there a place called Oregon House in California? The further away we went it was like we were crossing state … Continue reading

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Plethora of Pinballs…and other fun things

So I am trying to make sure that I am regular, but of course many times I get caught up in so many things! This weekend I had the chance to do some really great things. I went to an … Continue reading

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A bad crop…of apartments that is

So I guess I will dive right in. Looking for a new apartment is like going to work everyday. In the past few weeks, I have searched, called, and viewed many apartments. However not every place has been fantastic or … Continue reading

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