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Fabulous Finds

I love LA, well Southern California that is. Even though I live in the bay, So Cal will always be home and one of favorite places. This weekend I visited my favorite place so I could watch the LA marathon. … Continue reading

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Water Front Eats

So I am sure by know you can see the affair I am having with food. I cheat on my love for hiking with my love for good food. Anyways, this weekend I went to another restaurant called Skates on … Continue reading

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Good Eats

So The last week or so I have been cooking, baking and eating like no tomorrow. Its the month of my birth as well as birthdays for some of my friends; so there have already been quite a few festivities … Continue reading

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Shrimp Fried Rice and taking a hike

So last time, I told you all that I was making homemade ice cream. It sure was tasty. Except that it was like I went and got a box of ice cream from the back of the freezer at Rite-Aid. … Continue reading

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Long time no write

It has been a long time! I missed my blog (no matter how short the time was since I started!) I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I know I did. I had the most fabulous time experiencing … Continue reading

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Plethora of Pinballs…and other fun things

So I am trying to make sure that I am regular, but of course many times I get caught up in so many things! This weekend I had the chance to do some really great things. I went to an … Continue reading

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