Good Eats

So The last week or so I have been cooking, baking and eating like no tomorrow. Its the month of my birth as well as birthdays for some of my friends; so there have already been quite a few festivities and the month is only half way through. I wanted to share the bread that I made. I have to say that I have never made bread before and I have only used yeast about twice before this. Nervous as I was, I tried this recipe and it was FAN-TASTIC! I mean honestly, it is really good. So here is the recipe and pictures of my bread.

And on Saturday I went to eat at a restaurant called Scott’s Seafood. It was sooooo good! I mean honestly, some of the best sea food I have had. And it was worth the $30 per plate that my friends and I paid, which maybe for some of you high rollers is not a lot, but on a preschool teaching/ graduate student budget that’s a few meals or trips to the grocery store. If you have not been there, I surely recommend that place to you.

Eat Well!

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  1. harrisarnoldcollaboration says:

    I may need to try to make that bread myself!

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