5 year old comedians

So I was toying with the idea of starting a separate blog for all of my teacher musings (because if you didn’t know, I teach preschool). But I realized that I am not interested in managing a whole other site just dedicated to all things preschool teacher related. So if preschoolers and their 5-year-old humor don’t interest you, just bear with me.

To give you background I teach at a private preschool here in the East Bay. I teach 5 year olds, kids that need an extra year before going off to “real” school kindergarten. So here I am, my fourth year of teaching, and I tell you it only gets better. The kids are crazy and they drive me crazy and yet I spend most of the day laughing and wondering what really takes place in the mind of 5-year-old children. I obviously don’t understand them all the time since at lunch time they tell really bad knock-knock jokes and crack up. But I digress.

Maybe I don’t really digress. Here are some of the things I experience during my day:

Child: What is Beethoven’s favorite fruit?

Me: what?

Child: Banananaa!

(get it?)


Me: So what Holiday did we celebrate?

Child: King’s day!

Me: Yes we celebrated Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Does anyone know about him? What he did?

Child 2: Umm He was a man. Who got shot. And died.

Me: Uhh yes, that’s all true…


Child: Ms. Lasondra, come here.

Me: Ok. Yes?

Child (in a whisper): The other teacher looks like one of those Indians, with the red dot on her head.

Me (laughing out loud): Yea? That is pretty funny!

( Mind you, my coworker had a red blemish on her forehead that morning)


As you can see they make me laugh, and maybe it is funnier in the moment. But in any case, this is actually how I spend my days, not cooking ( I do that quite often though) or making things like bow ties ( although I LOVE being crafty, so there is surely more of that to come). But hopefully this little tidbit will tide you over until I take a picture of the things I am working on and cook another fancy meal.

So have a laugh on me!

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