Skewers + a handmade bow tie= Love

So usually after I do a post, I find that I have small moments of panic after I go throughout the next week wondering what in the world to post next. And then I rethink my blog; should it only be about a certain topic so I always know what to post about? Should it be about more things than I can count on one hand so I never run out of ideas to post about? I still don’t really know what the answer to those questions is. I do know that I am just going to post things and let this blogging journey evolve on its own.

So in this past week, I went out to eat because you know, good food is something I enjoy. I went to dinner at  a place named Asqew in Emeryville (for you bay area folks). Now it is no fancy restaurant with super fancy food. Just a good place on the same type of service as Chipotle or The Habit, fast food, but not fast food as I like to call it. Anyways this little place serves skewers (get it, asqew?) So I got the Blackened Prawn skewers and the Thai BBQ chicken skewers with a side of Roasted garlic Mashed potatoes. So tasty! The Thai Bbq sauce was so delicious and how can you go wrong with grilled shrimp! I recommend to anyone looking for a not too expensive and not too fancy place to eat. Here is my plate, before savoring every bite.


I also did some cool “re-purposing” if you will, which is something I enjoy. My theory is that I can make everything. I have really been wanting a bow tie and couldn’t seem to find one that didn’t cost me a million dollars. So I bought a regular men’s necktie and then googled how to make a bow tie and presto! A bow tie! Here is the you tube video I watched and a picture of my new bow tie. It is not professionally sewn and such, but pretty good I think. . Enjoy! 


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