Long time no write

It has been a long time! I missed my blog (no matter how short the time was since I started!)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I know I did. I had the most fabulous time experiencing life. I went to a Clippers game, to see Fela! the musical, Baldwin hills scenic overlook, and other wonderful things. I won’t spend time time overloading and possibly boring you with details and pictures of these things. I will however start fresh and new and put forth my new excursions and endeavors.

Cooking is another one of my favorites ( if I haven’t told you already). I am always trying to make new things and seeing how I can make some of my favorite dishes at home. So tonight I embarked upon the journey of homemade ice cream. Now some of you may be thinking that this is an easy project. And yes it would be an easy project if I had an ice cream maker. But I don’t. So this calls for research and creativity. I looked online for different recipes, because I know that you don’t necessarily need an ice cream maker, although it sure makes the process easier and faster. I used Emeril Lagasse’s recipe for vanilla ice cream ( http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/old-time-vanilla-ice-cream-recipe/index.html) and Sunny Anderson’s method for making the ice cream ( shake it up! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sunny-anderson/buttermilk-pecan-ice-cream-recipe/index.html).

Let me start by saying that for someone who is not supremely fit, I found the shaking to be tiresome. So I shook the ice cream for less than the time mentioned in the recipe and stuck it in the freezer. I figured it was mixed up anyways so it just needed to freeze. Should be okay if hand churned ice cream is not your favorite style 😉

Anyways here are the results: not good. Not bad but not good.

I obviously didn’t shake enough, and maybe should have had more ice ( I suggest you buy a bag unless you have a great ice maker), which means that it is taking a long time for it to become solid. Right now I have really good tasting, cold vanilla slush. Maybe I should have made half the amount in the recipe as well, as it would have been easier to shake and probably would have frozen faster. I do know that this works, as I did this with my students. The only difference is that we used a store bought method; it was a ball that my students could roll around and essentially “play” with. We also made butter in this same manner, and after at least 30 minutes of shaking, we had real butter. So unless you need at least 20 to 30 minutes of an upper body workout, get an ice cream maker, or at least a few friends to help you shake up your ice cream. I am putting my ice cream back in the freezer overnight and hopefully it solidifies by tomorrow. If it does, I will post pictures.

In the mean time, I am resting my arms.

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